Frank Mastriacovo
NMLS #1168256
Loan Originator
Saltwater Funding, Inc.
Office: 386-246-6322
Fax: 386-446-6778



My career started in hospitality while I was still in High School. My first position was as a Bellman with the Palm Coast Resort. As a Bellman, I learned the art of Service. To me, the purpose of Service was to do anything that was possible to improve the experience of the Guest; it didn’t matter how large or small the task was or if it was part of the job description. I swiftly moved up through the ranks from Lead Bellman to Front Desk, Reservations, Group Sales and finally Supervisor for Leisure Sales.

I was in Hospitality until 2008 when the resort was taken over by a new company. This company decided to move all sales positions to a central location in Orlando. They offered me positions in Orlando as well as a major position in Washington State at a new resort. However, these locations were just too far from Saltwater for me. The Saltwater plays a very big part in my life and I spent as much time on it as I possibly can. I can’t see myself ever living in a place where I couldn’t be on the boat or kayak.

I then worked as a Salesman for a company that sells phone cards. I would travel all over Florida and Georgia to sell cards to various retail locations. While I excelled in this position, the driving and monotony lead me to seek out another industry.

In 2011 I started working with Exit Realty First Choice. The Real Estate industry had always interested me. I had always been a Real Estate investor. At this time I owned two rental properties and two vacant pieces of land. At Exit Realty First Choice my duties were to provide administrative and technical support to all of the Realtors® in the office as well as other employees.

In 2013 I was approached by Barry Wells who was a Loan Originator with Florida First Choice Mortgage. He wanted to know if I’d like to process loans under his direction as a way to learn the Mortgage Industry. This was something I hadn’t considered before, but it was interesting and I saw more room for a career in the Mortgage Industry than in Real Estate. I worked as a Loan Processor with Florida First Choice Mortgage until I obtained my Florida Mortgage Loan Originator License in June of 2014. I worked as a Loan Originator with Florida First Choice Mortgage until September of 2016.

In September of 2016 I took the leap and started Saltwater Funding (a Florida Mortgage Broker Business). I employ myself as the Principal Loan Originator. The principal of Service has been a driving force in all of my business life since my first job as a Bellman and I practice it to this day. Most Loan Originators consider themselves to be Salespeople. I still consider myself to be that Bellman; doing anything possible to improve the experience for the borrower. This is what I will be providing at Saltwater Funding.

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